7 Major Mistakes in Long Term Food Storage

  I speak quite often on food storage, food preparation, emergency preparedness, etc. and I love when I find articles that back me up and readdirm what I am talking about.  I can’t tell you how often I am told – “I will figure out how to use what I have stored when I have […]

Top 5 Practical Food Storage Ideas for 2013

Top 5 Practical Food Storage Ideas For 2013 Guest Post by:Agnes Jimenez While we do not encourage the emphasis of arbitrary calendar dates when it comes to survival techniques, Prepper moms can mark the New Year by improving upon their food storage area. Even the most innovative and well-stocked storage pantry can be more efficient […]

Outdoor Survival – How to start a fire – When Technology Fails

I recently purchased a book and as I was reading through it I really felt the need to just post as a back to the basics look at – How to Start a Fire – with all you need to know information. The following is an excerpt from When Technology Fails by Matthew Stein (Chelsea […]

How to make Powdered Milk

Powdered Milk In my continued efforts to save money, I’ve decided to give powdered milk a try. Now I would never consider telling my family that we were going to be using powdered milk, I would never hear the end of it. I had spent some time in the months before hand researching different brands […]

DIY Emergency Repairs on the Road

DIY Emergency Repairs on the Road The sounds and smells of a car overheating or a flat tire are some you never want to hear. But here are a few easy fixes to help you get from the roadside to the car repair or home. Tool Kit Solving issues while on the road are easier […]

Dental Emergencies

Tweet   Dental Emergencies My father over the years had several health emergencies, but it wasn’t until he had serious health complications that we realized that a lot of it was due to poor dental health.  We learned your teeth are a true representation of your overall health and nutrition levels.  We learned that his […]

Homemade Laundry Soap

Pinching Pennies in your home and making things better naturally is the focus for Practical Homemade and Homemade laundry soap is a perfect way to cut costs in our hard economic time.  This is one homemade recipe that is simple, easy and fun to make, only costing you pennies per load and no harsh chemicals […]

First Aid Kits

First aid Kits A well-stocked first-aid kit is essential in every home, car, or workplace. Being prepared ahead of time will help you handle the everyday emergencies that happen. First aid kits can be purchased everywhere from your drugstores, discount retailers or even your local Red Cross office, best of all you can make one […]

72-Hour Kit List

Having your 72-hour kit is going to be one of your most essential needs in times of crisis.  Your kit is a collection of necessities that will sustain your life and have your wants and needs included that will last you for at least 72–hours. Your bag should fit your shoulders and back comfortably, be […]

Preparing for Evacuations

  Preparing for Evacuations  Evacuation plans are critical in any survival situation, and with the flood, storms and fires we have been faced with this year making an action plan is important for your family’s safety.   Before the emergency sit down with your family, talk about emergency situations that can happen in your area […]


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