Fabulous Vinegar Uses

Fabulous Vinegar Uses When you are prepared you know that re-using and repurposing items is very important. That’s why vinegar is such a great thing! Vinegar can be used for just about everything from daily use to cleaning, emergency situations, food storage and more! Clear dirt off PCs and electronics Computers, printers, fax machines, and […]

Do It Yourself Home Remedies

Do it Yourself Home Remedies When disasters occur the medical industry always has a hard time keeping up with the needs of the affected. If there was a national crisis, loss of job, or personal emergency, how would you relieve your pain if doctors or medicine were not available? Fortunately there are many items that […]

Dental Remedies

I have struggled for the last few days with a toothache, so I figured I would share a few toothache remedies with you. They are listed in no particular order, so pick your favorite one and give it a try! -Ground Cloves, this is a quick and easy remedy is straight from your kitchen pantry […]

Dental Emergencies

Tweet   Dental Emergencies My father over the years had several health emergencies, but it wasn’t until he had serious health complications that we realized that a lot of it was due to poor dental health.  We learned your teeth are a true representation of your overall health and nutrition levels.  We learned that his […]

First Aid Kits

First aid Kits A well-stocked first-aid kit is essential in every home, car, or workplace. Being prepared ahead of time will help you handle the everyday emergencies that happen. First aid kits can be purchased everywhere from your drugstores, discount retailers or even your local Red Cross office, best of all you can make one […]


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