Delicious Homemade Wheat Bread

  Print Wheat Bread Ingredients 10 cups wheat freshly milled 6 cups warm water ⅔ cup oil ⅔ cup Homey 2 Tbsp Salt 2 Tbsp … [Continue reading]

Canned Apple Pie Filling

Canning Apple Pie Filling   I love making canned apple pie filling in fact when I was married a friend of my moms gave me a recipe book … [Continue reading]

Canned Salsa

Here is a great recipe that I got from my mother in-law several years ago. I've made changes, altered it slightly, added a few things, and it is … [Continue reading]

How to Wash Clothes on a Washboard

  How To Wash Clothes On a Washboard Okay - I went to a demonstration on handwashing your own clothes and it was such a great class.  The … [Continue reading]

Preserved Lemons

I was so excited when I found out that there was a way to preserve lemons.  I grew up on a citrus orchard in Southern California and I never knew that … [Continue reading]

7 Major Mistakes in Long Term Food Storage

  I speak quite often on food storage, food preparation, emergency preparedness, etc. and I love when I find articles that back me up and … [Continue reading]

Multi Grain Pancakes

  Print Multi Grain Pancakes Ingredients 4 cups whole wheat flour 4 cups multi grain flour 1 cup powdered milk ½ cup sugar … [Continue reading]

Plum Jam

I love making this jam sometimes it is tart, sometimes it is sweet but I have never make a batch that is too sweet.  I love adding this to greek … [Continue reading]

How to become more Self-Sufficient

When the "Crunch" or "Collaspse: hits, the last thing you want to be in dependent on anything or anybody. When you can take care of yourself in … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Practical Food Storage Ideas for 2013

Top 5 Practical Food Storage Ideas For 2013 Guest Post by:Agnes Jimenez While we do not encourage the emphasis of arbitrary calendar dates when it … [Continue reading]


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