The Disaster Preparedness Handbook

The Disaster Preparedness Handbook
Editorial Reviews
“Families want and need actionable practical plans when disaster strikes and the Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family has it all in one volume!” (Shane Connor )

“This book is an incredible compendium of knowledge in the area of disaster preparedness. In spite of the many pages, it is never daunting or overpowering but rather written with a comfortable conversational tone.” (Kerry Lewis, Master Anjing Banfa )

“This handbook exceeded my expectations! It is a comprehensive presentation of ideas not only for disaster preparedness but also helpful for everyday living.” (Dr. Lee Green, Dangerous Man Christian Conferences )

“An easy to read handbook packed full of very helpful information to cover any emergency one might encounter.” (Marg Pollon, Founding Director of Bridges of Love Ministry Society )

“A great introduction to disaster preparedness in a single volume, both scholarly and easy to read!” (James Talmage Stevens, author of Making the Best of Basics )
About the Author
Dr. Arthur T. Bradley,  is an Army veteran, father of four, martial arts expert, and homeschooler. He is active in volunteer youth organizations, including the Boy and Girl Scouts of America. He holds a doctorate in engineering from Auburn University and currently works as a senior engineer for NASA. Having lived all across the United States, Dr. Bradley writes from personal experience about a wide variety of disasters, including earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, house fires, and massive snowstorms. He is the author of The Disaster Preparedness Handbook.

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